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We are

a management consultancy fully dedicated to Digital Health with a global network and regional ambassadors in Central Europe, Northern Europe and UK.

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Who we are: We serve
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We serve


who want to establish and evolve their product organisations, seeking a sustainable product lifecycle management and a promising market strategy.


such as financial investors who invest for profit and for shaping the future of healthcare, healthcare organisations that are seeking improvement and willing to explore new paths, channel partners that see their future in digital health.


We have seen that digital can make a big difference in healthcare, and still we are just at the beginning of true digitisation in healthcare.

We are experienced digital health people who love what we do. We have built and grown digital heath teams, products and businesses successfully on an international level. We mastered turning failures into learnings and how to carve out waste in order to drive focus and throughput. Now we want to help others to be successful.

For us, healthcare is the most rewarding industry. We invest our time in something that enables more people to live better lives.



Christian Wagner
Founder & Managing Director, Senior Consultant

Product & Portfolio Strategy

Product Due Diligenc

CENTRAL EU Ambassador 

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I quickly realised I'd better let others develop Software. My strengths were obviously on the customer and business side. Without planning it, I became a product manager (in digital health). A role and a place where I felt I can make the impact I always wanted - Identify what really matters - engage and motivate teams to create solutions that are truly meaningful and achieve something that nobody else has managed before - most importantly, if you want to keep creating you'd better understand the entire business, wing 2 wing, while you stay super close to your customer and teams.

Born in a startup, grown up in a scale up and strengthened by a global fortune 500 I have created digital health solutions and managed digital health portfolios - globally and quite successfully but not without mistakes (learnings I am happy to share)! I am evangelist for empowered product teams that constantly strive for the ultimate flow in creating value for their customers.

My passion for bringing digital solutions to life and leading companies to success was the trigger for founding Spark Digital Health.


Associate Partners

are some of the smartest people I have met during my career. Have a look, they are all top notch experts!


Maija Laukkanen

Associate Partner & CEO of Clinipower Ltd., Senior Consultant

Quality & Regulatory Strategy
Quality & Regulatory Due Diligence

NORDIC Ambassador

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Maija is spreading a culture of patient safety within the digital health industry and a contributor to new ways of thinking in software development. As founder and CEO of Clinipower Ltd she has build a team of international experts who are now spreading and implementing this culture within health-tech companies. Before founding Clinipower she held Marketing and General Management roles in multi-national digital health enterprises.

'Maija has lead digital transformation in the Nordics and was my inspiration and go to person for transferring advances of Nordic Healthcare solutions to Central Europe.'

Markus Haisjackl, MD-PhD
Associate Partner & Senior Consultant

Digital Health Process Analysis and Innovation

Digital Health Impact Due Diligence

CENTRAL EU Ambassador 

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Markus has the 360° view when it comes to the potential and impact of digital transformation in healthcare. He is an internationally experienced Clinician, Hospital and Public Health expert with a track record in digital transformation. He has held Medical Director roles and has worked in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. Markus holds a MSc. in Public Health of the University of London.

'Working with Markus taught me the power of digital transformation in healthcare, why it requires process innovation, and what it takes to innovate a process. Whatever a digital solution may be able to achieve, it requires people with a mindset like Markus to make it work (worth). '

Associate Partners & Ambassadors

Our Expertise

Portfolio & Product Management

Build effective and empowered product teams - focus drives throughput

• building and leading empowered product teams that manage entire lifecycles of digital health solutions.
• Innovation Management from (self) disruptive to evolutionary
• Identifying golden nuggets and 'cut out dead wood' from portfolio and products, allowing for investment focus and throughput.
• creating and managing digital health solutions for a global market in line with regulatory requirements such as MDR

Business & Organisational Development

Develop and implement growth opportunities -  leverage the Economy of Scale

• establishing global growth strategies incl. market exploration and individual go to market plans & execution (China, Japan, ASEAN, India, EGM, Africa, EU/UK, Americas)
• establishing market leading new digital business units from sales to service
• elaborating agreements for digital health solutions with entire regions or partners

Shaping Agile Organisations

Build effective and empowered product teams - scale for sustainable growth

• building effective on- and offshore product organisations in globally distributed development setups
• leveraging Agile holistically as a product organisation and within healthcare specific regulations. 
• maximising throughput through a well balanced and empowered product organisation
• establishing successful customer involvement from the creation of a product to the very end of its lifecycle.

Healthcare Domain & Technology Background

Navigate through the specifics of healthcare with confidence and speed.

• digital transformation of care domains from process analysis via change management to region wide roleouts.
• working with domains such as Anesthesia, Intensive Care, L&D, Neonatology, OR Management
• establishing leading Clinical Decision Support and Clinical & Operational Analytics solutions, pioneering Telehealth and Patient Follow Up solutions.
• defining System Interoperability & Device Connectivity strategies in complex domains and divers markets.
• establishing cloud based product strategies
• applying medical devices regulations and standards

Who we are: Expertise
Specific Qualifications

Qualified Management Consultant

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Certified Professional for Medical Software


Berechtigung n. § 21 Abs. 5 S1 Krankenhausstrukturfonds-Verordnung

Bundesamt f. Soziale Sicherung, Deutschland

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