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Creators of
Digital Health Solutions

here is what we can do for you...

What we do: for Creators


You dare to create the unexpected and are seeking complementary expertise? We support you in the process of creation and in detecting and addressing the digital health specific requirements.


We help you to ensure success by getting you prepared for the 'unexpected'!


You are preparing your business for scale and the time has come to build a global growth strategy?

You want your existing business to grow out of, or bring your solutions into, Central Europe?

We support you to spark the change for growth at scale!


You want your product organisation

to create best customer value and represent the backbone of a sustainable business? An organisation that leverages the benefits of modern software development in line with medical device standards?


We are your company in sparking and executing the change towards an empowered digital health product organisation!


You want your quality system and regulatory strategy to build up your organisation's stamina for growth and scale?


That's why we have Clinipower, a team of healthtech experts, as our strategic PARTNER to cover these aspects.

Digital Health


here is what we can do for you...

What we do: for Innovestors


You want to be part of digital health innovation, either as an investor or as an innovating organisation and are seeking for help in navigating through the crowd?

We are your eyes and ears in the digital health space and can SCOUT for solutions 'in the making' through our global network. We look behind the scenes to support your due diligence with healthcare and healthtech expertise.

What we do: Partners


Central Europe

Northern Europe

UK & Ireland

and a global network

will bring the expertise and market insights you are looking for.


'...and in case we don't know, we know someone who does!'

What we do: Contact

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...and find out how our services could benefit your company

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